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In Northern Ireland the government agency responsible for controlling and issuing Northern Ireland format commonly known as Irish registrations was the DVA, this is an acronym meaning the Driver Vehicle Agency. All personalised number plates and personal registration marks mentioned in this site are British i. They are only for display on vehicles registered in the UK and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland format registrations are commonly known as ‘Irish’ registrations prior to the separation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Any reference to ‘Irish’ registrations on this page relate to registration marks now known as ‘Northern Ireland format’ registrations. Follow the law As responsible personalised number plates agents we feel it is important that our visitors and customers understand the law regarding the supply and display of cherished number plates as they are valuable assets and should be protected. It was once possible to buy cheap number plates from any private car numberplates maker without any evidence of your entitlement to the car registration numbers. Your numberplates are an important identifying feature of your vehicle and can be cloned to provide a false identity to any vehicle for those engaged in vehicle related crime. The law on the display of vehicle registration numbers is now very strict and personal number plates owners may not use decorative or fancy fonts.

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Cheap Number Plates. Please find below a list of our cheap private number plates for sale in our Bargain Personalised number plate range. Don’t forget that the All inc price even INCLUDES number plates so you’ve got nothing extra to pay!

Order by Click a button to view the plate on a vehicle, ask a question or to check current availability! There are no plates in this area matching your search. If you are having trouble finding a plate you like, click here try a wider search including our unissued DVLA numberplates Back to top Introduction to Dateless Number plates Due to the rise in traffic, by it became necessary for each vehicle to be easily identified and so the UK number plate system was introduced, with the registration mark ‘A1’ being the first number plate issued in London.

Registration marks would be issued in sequence and relate to the area of the country where the vehicles were registered. Dateless number plates were issued up until when they were replaced by Suffix style number plates. It is perfectly legal for a dateless number plate to be re-assigned or transferred to any age of vehicle. This feature is the same as Northern Ireland registration marks which also date from the same era but are still being issued today.

These are in more plentiful supply so they tend to be cheaper in price and can be easily identified as they always contain either a letter I or Z. The main benefit of dateless number plates and the reason why they are very popular is that they hide the ages of the vehicles that they are displayed on. Examples of UK Mainland dateless number plate layouts:

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UK News Smashing Greek custom goes to the wall The threat of legal action is ending the tradition of breaking plates to bring good luck. Adam Lusher reports on the increasing number of tavernas abandoning the practice We have stopped doing it. Related Articles 20 Apr “She didn’t sue, but we were worried someone would,” he said. Over the centuries, breaking plates has become linked with the Greek concept of kefi high spirits and fun.

Some say that it wards off evil spirits.

Cheap & Bargain Car Number Plates from as little as £ Most of these numbers are non-dating registration number plates and can be used simply to disguise the age of your vehicle, or you may be lucky enough for them to be a perfect personalised number plate to you.

Browse dateless registrations by Plate size and structure We sell personalised number plates owned by clients, previously unissued DVLA personalised registrations , previously unissued DVLNI private number plates. Search and buy from millions of personalised number plates direct from the DVLA, including auction plates and cherished plates. If in doubt, you can refine the search on our site to only show registrations that are suitable for. Buy dateless number plates – over 49 million to choose from!

Because there is no reference to the date the registration was created, it would be necessary to consult a reference book to find out when the dateless number. Are you looking to buy reversed dateless plates? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Find your perfect personalised plates at Primo Registrations today!

Our broad range of searches will guide you to your perfect number plate. Find a Number Plate. If you do not want to receive such messages, please tick the box. How long will I have to. Estimated delivery date Est.

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Cheapest Number Plates Available in the UK. At Plate Hunter we pride ourselves in being able to provide a huge range of cheap private number plates that will allow you to hide the age of your vehicle and make your own personalised number plate to cherish and proudly embellish on your car.

Motor Marks Cherished Car Number Plates and Personalised Registration Numbers The premier site for private number plates, cherished number plates, cheap number plates and reg plate transfers. Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registration Plates are a Leicester based family business and one of the market leaders in the country for private number plate sales and transfers. We have been trading in the sale and purchase of private number plates since and are now delighted to be able to offer a new online order and purchase facility.

We buy and sell DVLA personalised registrations as well as our own stock and commissioned personalised registrations and are local to Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. As well as selling our own stock of personalised registration plates we also sell DVLA unissued Government Stock cherished numbers, clients’ registrations and also registrations owned by other number plate dealers.

If at any time you require a progress report please call us on the number at the top of the page and one of our sales staff will be able to help with your enquiry. Cherished Numbers Search This site has a searchable database of over 40 million prefix, current and cherished numbers. Our super-search is probably one of the fastest and most effective available for both prefix and current style number plates as well as older style, antique cherished numbers.

It allows you to use whatever search terms you choose; numbers, letters or a combination of both. Valuations of Personal Plates Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registration Plates will send you a no obligation, free of charge written or online valuation upon request. Our professional valuations manager with over 20 years trade experience will make the valuation and will provide you with a realistic quotation on your personal number plate.

To apply either call the number above or use our Cherished Numbers Valuation Form.

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For instance, the positive part of an image is a water-repelling ” hydrophobic ” substance, while the negative image would be water-retaining ” hydrophilic “. Thus, when the plate is introduced to a compatible printing ink and water mixture, the ink will adhere to the positive image and the water will clean the negative image. This allows a flat print plate to be used, enabling much longer and more detailed print runs than the older physical methods of printing e.

Lithography was invented by Alois Senefelder [1] in the Kingdom of Bavaria in In the early days of lithography, a smooth piece of limestone was used hence the name “lithography”: After the oil-based image was put on the surface, a solution of gum arabic in water was applied, the gum sticking only to the non-oily surface.

Important Private Number plates and DVLA Information DVLA is the government agency responsible for all regulatory matters related to the issue and display of private number plates and car registrations in .

Click the ‘Filter’ button and adjust the ‘Price To’ value to cap the results at your maximum budget. Click the ‘Refine’ button and adjust the ‘Price To’ value to cap the results at your maximum budget. You’ll only be shown number plates that match your search and are less than the price you’ve set. Only registrations with a price assigned to them will then be shown. You can also order your results so that the registrations with the lowest prices appear at the top of the results.

Simply click the ‘Price’ header arrow to re-arrange the number plates. This means it’s perfectly possible to transfer these registrations onto vehicles registered in England, Scotland and Wales.

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R4V Number Plates – Cheap Car Number Plates & Cheap DVLA Personalised Cherished Car Registrations and Cheap Vehicle Registrations numbers. Cheap number plates are our speciality and we are the leading suppliers of Quality Cheap Number Plates and for buying and selling personalised car number plates and car registration marks.

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