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Share this article Share He went on to tell his near , online subscribers that Freelee was ‘the best manipulator’ he had met in his life. The video, titled ‘Why We Broke Up. Vegans do not eat or use animal products, and therefore are expected not to use the cosmetic anti-wrinkle drug Botox, which is made of bacteria that can be found in animals like pigs and fish. Mr Johnstone claims Freelee has secretly used Botox since and hidden it from her followers But Freelee firmly denied the accusations, saying she had never used Botox before. She did admit to using a plant-based alternative product called juvederm Emotional: Mr Johnstone said Freelee was ‘the best manipulator’ he had ever met Freelee and Durianrider have almost one million combined YouTube subscribers Freelee provided the following screenshots of alleged conversations with Mr Johnstone about the video he posted online But when contacted by Daily Mail Australia, Freelee emphatically denied most of her former flame’s explosive allegations. Why did he have no marks on him even though he was making daily videos? Him accusing me is an insult to the real sufferers of domestic violence, it makes light of their suffering. He has swung a bag violently at my face and left a scratch across my face,’ she claimed.

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Harley is getting particularly nasty and spiteful. I’m starting not to like him. I don’t understand why he is being such an asshole towards you. Can you tell us what is going on?? This whole situation is really heart breaking. Take notes of his behaviour, this is the way a jealous, spiteful, insecure person behaves.

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Having died at around 7 in an operating room changed me. It was not something I was analytically aware of until my teen years. I will say that this changed me from having a complete intolerance of people, bully of the school, headed for prison, to one of “understanding” what people are having to deal with. They are stuck in a body and usually their mental reflection is that they ARE nothing but a body.

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Former Freelee the Banana Girl boyfriend Harley Johnstone has made some shocking claims about the vegan Youtuber after their breakup. celebrity Freelee the Banana Girl’s ex has made some shocking claims in the wake of their breakup.

DD 2 years ago also I get tons of fruits and vegetables for very low cost because I work in a produce department of an organic food co-op. Para cocido tenes q tener bastante mas desgaste q con crudos,ciertos alimentos cocidos tienen antinutrientes por ende puede afectar la tiroides haciendote engordar si no recibes yodo y no desgastas suficiente.

Pero ellos no apoyan la dieta raw x completo ni los ayunos. However i start to get insane meat cravings, its like for a moment my mind switches off and i find my self in macdonalds. How do you get rid of craving? Watched earthlings, helped me for a day. So pretty much disnt work. How many mangos were consumed during this vid? Eat more Nuts and Avos is the advice for a Vegan. As a Fruitarian I can’t give much advice because it’s nothing something I’ve delved greatly into in regards to weight gain.

That dumb little fairytale has completely confused the entire raw vegan culture, worldwide. Danny stated he thinks you lose alot of weight at first while you detox; but if you persist; you will put the weight back on once you clean. Very curious how all this will turn out. If you have any tips, please share.


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Freelee relates what she witnessed, expressing contempt for Johnstone’s deceit and his targeting of very young girls to manipulate and abuse: Help stop Durianrider Durianrider uses YouTube to attract young women, to get them to believe he is decent, to trust him – and to lure them to Thailand.

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If my urine is yellow or straw, I just knock back a quart and Im good to go.

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The Ugly Truth About Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone March 3, Anthony Colpo Critics, Quacks, Scams & Pseudoscience 0 Update [Nov 9, ]: The original version of this article included commentary about Leanne “Freelee” Ratcliffe, former partner of the sleazebag Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone.

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Are Freelee and Durianrider Dating! Rule for Dating My Daughter Shirt! Beef by KRSOne Freelee carbon dating after bomb the Banana Girl has are freelee and durianrider dating renamed all her social channels to GoFreeYourself.

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Freelee’s New Boyfriend How They Really Met