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Got a Warranted Superior saw medallion need help dating it Warranted superior saw dating, recent entries Christian connections speed dating American saws from the 20th century, regardless of brand name, were made in the works of Disston, Atkins, Bishop, or Simonds. What does the “X” stamped on the blade under the handle of a No. The Eagle Nothing is superior saw American than the eagle. Saint George is the patron of England. Warranted Superior warrants were made by some of the major saw makers such as Disston but most of them weren’t. Often datings from the mid to late ‘s feature a Disston and Son etch on the blade and the earlier eagle medallion.

Disston Hand Saw – No. D8

Atkins 53 By swirt on November 12, at 4: The barn was poorly lit and as I looked around for any sign of tools, I saw a few hand saws hanging on the wall. Nothing remarkable, no Disstons and certainly nothing in a configuration I needed.

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It takes ages of fiddling around and making copious test cuts to get it to saw square in two different planes. Then you might get two descent cuts and before you know it the blade grabs the stock and the setting is lost again. It also tends to burn the incredibly hard African timber I work with. So I decided to look for an alternative solution. I have the exact same large miter box and saw here at the shop. My theory is some sort of dope deal transpired between the two manufacturers.

In any event, they quite surprisingly quit making hand and back saws in —so, your saw pre-dates that. Further more it has a patent date on it, thus after then. The following picture from the MF catalogue show a slightly more evolved mitre box, so mine should be older than that. I then had a look at the saw to see if that can help us to zoom in on the date of manufacture.

Mark did an absolutely brilliant job of sharpening this beast, it is lethal. I therefore asked him how to fix the problem.

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This invention relates to improvements in handsaws and more particularly to saws which have. Disston tools is a global manufacturer of hole saws, band saw blades, jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, drill bits more. Baker has written about the saws extensively. Beavers are the canadian national animal, and they appear often on canadian saws. Their saws presumably fly through wood with great speed. And more make vanity fair.

With a rich history spanning over years, Disston Tools is a global manufacturer of hole saws, bandsaw blades, jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, drill bits, and other hand and power tool related accessories for the DIY, contractor and industrial markets.

Keystone Saw Works David wrote: Or am I missing something? I am hoping Erv or Pete will weigh in on this issue but in the meantime I’ll take a crack at it. Disston used the ‘Keystone’ moniker on some of their second quality lines of saws, such as the Keystone ‘K’ line produced around the time of the H. These saws usually had ‘Warranted Superior’ saw medallions. Some second line Disston saws had a keystone outline in the medallion without the scales in the center.

As far as I can tell, Disston used two basic types of etchings on their ‘best’ line of saws.

Antique hand saws.. H Disston & Sons.. Worth Restoring?

Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws:

disston saws identifying and dating handsaws. Henry Disston started selling his own saws in , operating out of a rented basement in Philadelphia.

Terminology[ edit ] “Kerf” redirects here. For other meanings, see Kerf disambiguation. Diagram showing the teeth of a saw blade when looking front-on. The teeth protrude to the left and right, so that the saw cut kerf is wider than the blade width. The term set describes how much the teeth protrude. The kerf may be sometimes be wider than the set, depending on wobble and other factors. A saw that cuts with an abrasive disc or band, rather than a toothed blade.

Disston saw – any advice greatly appreciated

Off-line – 17 Feb , That it is worth an email to Hans Brunner to get an opinion from him. I only have one limited source of information, which is an Astragal Press reprint of the Spear and Jackson catalogue. And I cannot make out the lettering on the medallions in the catalog.

identifying and dating disston saws The medallions on Disston handsaws changed more over time than any other feature on the saw. By using the medallion, you can estimate the age of your saw. The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture.

Henry Disston and Sons, circa While the exact date of this particular nut is not known, it is the last of the split nut type. However, it does share a number of unique traits with the next medallion, which uses the earliest of the domed nuts which do not require a special screwdriver for tightening. This medallion has a number of unique traits. First, we see the reappearance of the “dot” after the “N” in “Disston”. For the first time since the Henry Disston medallion, the “A” in “Philada” is a smaller case and also has a “dot” following.

Of particular note is the keystone with double border. This is the first in a series of this treatment. Also note another redesign of the scales, beam and pivot. Finally, the dotted border from the perimeter is gone for good. Henry Disston and Sons, circa While the design of this medallion is nearly identical to the one above, it does have a very important difference.

No 9 to No 99— A Disston with panache!

Look for chisels with wooden handles or with specialty, curved blades. Buying Antique Tools Ideally, you’ll be able to find hand tools in person. The quality of a tool, and its usability is difficult to determine remotely. However, there are several reputble antique dealers where you may find just the thing you were looking for: Bob Kaune – An incredibly easy-to-navigate site that sells many types of antique tools including saws, chisels and planes.

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Description Mill file The most common shape, single-cut, rectangular in cross section, with an even thickness throughout their length; they may be either parallel sided or taper slightly in width from heel to end [8] Flat file Similar to a mill file, but may be double-cut Hand file Parallel in width and tapered in thickness, used for general work Square file Gradually tapered and cut on all four sides. They are used for enlarging round holes or cutting scalloped edges Half round file Has one flat and one convex surface, and either tapering slightly or maintaining an even thickness, width, or both over their length Combination file Tangless, flat sided or half-round, with two to four cutting surfaces, typically including a combination of single cut, double cut, or rasp Crossing files are half round on two sides with one side having a larger radius than the other.

Tapered in width and thickness. For filing interior curved surfaces. The double radius makes possible filing at the junction of two curved surfaces or a straight and curved surface. Joint round edge files are parallel in width and thickness, with rounded edges. The flats are safe no teeth and cut on the rounded edges only. Used for making joints and hinges. Barrette files are tapered in width and thickness, coming to a rounded point at the end.

Only the flat side is cut, and the other sides are all safe.

Antique Disston & Son Hand Saw 1865 – 71 Split Nut

GGs, Here are some tools offered at prices that reflect the need that most of these tools have for some time spent cleaning, and restoring them. They are “as found,” but are basically sound tools, needing only some elbow grease to make them presentable. With only a couple of exceptions they are complete, and described to let you know what is needed to be done with them, and a forecast of their appearance when the cleaning is complete.

A couple of them need some parts, but will be well worth the hunt for those parts when they are found. The tools are sold on Standard Old Tools terms price plus postage–returns if not described accurately. For buyers of more than one item, I can offer a ten percent discount.

Sanford Levy >Hi. I have a question about dating Disston saws by their medallions. From what I have read here and elsewhere, it seems that a Disston saw could be dated fairly well by its Medallion, as shown on the Disstonian Institute web site. Recently I showed a saw I have to a blacksmith (I was.

In order to help all those who need to make a new handle or replace a poor quality handle on their saw, on this page we offer you 32 templates for various types of saw handles. All of the templates have been made according to various saws that were produced in the late 19th and early 20th century. Those are all saw handles proven in practice and produced by quality companies of that time such as: The saw handle templates that you can download here can be divided into open saw handle templates and closed saw handle templates, and as for the type of saw, within the file you can find: The saw handle can be made of different wood types such as: There is a large number of woodworking sites on the Internet that have high-quality articles on how to make a saw handle.

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Online Reference of Disston Saws — The Medallions Find this Pin and more on Woodworking Tools by Nic Aston. identifying and dating disston saws Patent date for Glover’s design of saw nuts, which are stronger than those manufactured in the and early.

A place to share some of my fine erections! We got a big influx of tools from one of our members’ father’s estate. Among them was this little panel saw, quite rusty and far from usable. The lower part of the handle was broken off, but I could read Disston on the medallion. I thought it was highly unlikely that anyone would make use of it, so I asked the donor if I could have it, and he said ok. It’s hung on my tool rack for a long time.

I had some hope that it was a decent old tool, and I finally got around to restoring it this week. Old Disston Panel Saw I started by taking it apart, which was fortunately very easy. The brass hardware is plated, which prevented corrosion inside the threads. Then I wrapped a small piece of grit sandpaper around a block of foam and applied a lot of elbow grease to the rusty saw plate, using plenty of WD as a lubricant.

Vintage Hand Saws

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The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the Henry Disston and Sons split nut period. In this medallion, we see the disappearance of all but one of the “dots”. In addition, the border of the keystone is bold and solid, unlike any other in this period.

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