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Featuring single and multiplayer dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and Reputation is everything in Wartune. The game’s powerful warriors all strive to be remembered as the greatest, and there is no greater arena to win on than Wartune’s epic cross-server battles. Only the truly stand-out warriors have a chance of dominating cross-server events. Everything must be perfect, from the skills and weapons they possess, to the clothes and accessories they wear. Besides taking advantage of Wartune’s deep RPG systems, players can prepare their characters for battle by enhancing and upgrading their clothing.

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New Returning Players Event, Wartune Play Free Brower Online Game, Wartune Facebook Staff Favorites MMORPG by publisher Proficient City. E-mail / Username: c. Get double rewards for the entire party in the multi-player arena. d. Get double EXP and “+5% to all attributes” for the entire party in multi-player dungeons.

There is thought that Knights can not be effective damage dealers in battle and should focus on taking damage for the party instead of dealing. However this is not true, one of the classes of Knights focuses purely on damage dealing and can be quite effective damage dealers and make fights go by quickly. The most commonly thought of build for Knights is the Tank, purely hp and defense these Knights earn the name as tank as they are not easily brought down.

Knights can effectively make use of nearly all stats, gems, guild skills and technologies found in the game. Physical Attack dictates the damage a Knight is able to deal during a normal attack, Physical Defense is the skill which blocks damage dealt by Physical attacks. Magic Defense is the stat responsible for the reduction of Magic Attack damage, Magic Defense can be a life saver for a Knight of any build. Charisma dictates the amount of troops you can take into battle, this can be useful for any build of Knight as it can help extend the life of your Troop Units during battle.

Critical or Crit is the tendency or ability to land Critical hits and may increase the damage of your critical hits. All of these Stats are used by Knights for the exception of Magic Attack.

The GODLIKE a New RTS / MOBA Hybrid Game

Ranks are dependent on your character’s Honor, which can only be obtained in the Battleground. Reach certain honor levels and you will then be able to purchase equipment and items using insignias in the Arena Shop. For more information regarding the patch, please refer to the announcement thread. In Wartune, players take on the role of a knight, mage, or archer to progress through a fantasy-based RPG plotline, while constructing and maintaining a thriving city and participating in dozens of daily quests and events.

With thousand-person boss battles, city-building, PvP battle grounds and arenas, stunning graphics, a fascinating storyline, angels, demons, monsters, and farming, Wartune is bound to entertain both the casual and hardcore gamer alike.

The Arena is a place to compete with other players for rankings and awards. Solo Arena Duels are unlocked at level 13, while 4v4 Party Battles (which replaced 3v3 battles in Patch ) are unlocked at level Arena can be accessed by clicking on the solo challenge link in your daily window or.

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The bug occurs when leaving a queue, only happened with ranked for me so far and your redstone will sometimes disappear for your hotbar. When right clicking the paper, it reads “Currently in queue for: I’m positive that no rating is lost if you log out while in the glitched queue as this has happened numerous times. The bug doesn’t effect your matchmaking, it just keeps you in the queue and does not display queue information.

How it can be reproduced:

DolyGames Wartune is a hugely popular website, created by COSMOS, dedicated to the game Wartune.

Posted 10 May – I would like to adress the matchmaking system issue resulting in extremly long queues for rated 3v3 arenas. Ever since the new patch my friends and I have been trying to do rated 3v3, since a reward system was finally introduced. So we spent the past couple of days getting people to play with us to finally get into arenas again. Unfortunately the current matchmaking system does not support the current playerbase in doing rated 3v3.

What happens is this, you have 2 teams playing, team A and B. They never played before, all players starting at 0 rating. They queue, game pops after 3 or 4 minutes, which is cool.

Knight Build Guide


Wartune is a browser based MMORPG that allows players to explore, create and manage their empire and experience real time battles online. You can match all your favorite MMO styles into one with this game: it features city-building, strategy, role-playing, turn-based combat, boss battles, pvp-arenas and even farming are part of this unique game!


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The Arena Shop is where players may purchase various items with Insignia earned through the Battlegrounds, Guild Battles, and Multiplayer Arena. (Note: Armor and Weapons available are dependent upon a player’s chosen class.) Most of what is for sale requires a player to have obtained a certain.


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