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Which Is London’s Oldest Pub? Which is London’s oldest pub? You could spend an interesting day running round London trying to answer this question by visiting every claimant to the title, but by the end you’d be so drunk you wouldn’t be able to remember what your name was let alone what you were trying to find out. That’s because there are almost as many ways to define the answer as there are pubs with ‘Ye Olde’ in their name. Is it the oldest pub by name, by location, by age of building or of interior, by length of licence — or some magical combination of the lot? This is complex stuff, worth exploring in more detail. To take a couple of examples, High Holborn’s Cittie Of York has fine credentials, occupying the site of an inn since However, the building itself dates only to the s while its name was pinched from an older tavern that used to sit across the road. Or take Mayfair’s The Guinea , which has been a pub since but took its current name in and occupies a building that dates from around For almost every promising, illustrious or celebrated candidate from the Wapping’s Prospect of Whitby to Twickenham’s White Swan there are caveats that create confusion.

Where to Meet Women in London – Top 10 Bars for Hot Girls

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Friday Night Speed Dating. Introducing Friday night speed dating in The City. This is probably London’s busiest weekly speed dating event. You’ll meet up to people for ‘dates’ lasting four minutes each at this smart venue next to St Pauls.

Hosts of the most sought-after events in London for lesbian and bisexual women. Founded in by Nicola Chubb, the brand has gone from strength to strength. It reached its pinnacle and became a widely recognized name in – when one of the events was first held at the ultra chic members club – Soho House. Today, Mint run a range of different social events in various venues across the capital. They are aimed at women with refined tastes who want to dance until dawn, catch up with old friends and meet like-minded females in a fun environment.

As well as volunteering for Pride in London and Stonewall over the years and also running the official Pride after party in ‘Pride at Night’ held at Electric Brixton. They are always packed with between to gorgeous women of various ages, with one thing in common — they all love to party! Boy buddies are welcome with you. Mint Social guests These events are also held in members clubs and high calibre venues such as The Groucho Club, Shoreditch House, Golden Bee, Met Bar and Home House — but with a smaller, more intimate number of guests — approximately — like-minded women.

A great atmosphere at these sassy shindigs. Mint Network guests For those of you seeking a lower key, relaxed environment, quiet enough to have a pleasant conversation, Mint Network is for you. These sophisticated evenings will be held in handpicked, tasteful venues across the city in , allowing professional women to meet on a social and informal business level.

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He proposed one year later at slightly Oliver which was where bar luna was. We now live together on the uws with our 2 month old daughter, Ella. We thank you so much for having this event! It was the best event by far, beautifully organised and in the most dreamy romantic room. I really enjoyed the night out, and the whole evening was so much fun.

We host exclusive, intimate get-to-know-each-other parties in central London bars, often followed by private adult afterparties. We welcome you to explore intimate connections and experiment in the erotic game with other carefully selected couples and women.

The Restaurant Seismograph has for some time been registering tremors that our experts believe signal the burgeoning fashionability of Portuguese food. Gambas a guilho garlic prawns at Bar Douro Many Brits will have been to Portugal on holiday and may have mixed feelings about what they ate there. On the plus side: The catalyst was superchef Nuno Mendes. In Mendes, who had been doing wacky superchef food at Viajante , then fusion-tinged, celebrity-friendly food at the Chiltern Firehouse , returned abruptly to his Lisboetan roots and opened Taberna do Mercado , which served steak sandwiches, wobbly custard tarts, grills and petiscos or Portuguese tapas, all in the true lettuce-eating style, with any displays of supercheffery pushed firmly to the margins.

Traditional azulejas at Bar Douro I went on my birthday, which I hummed and haaed about doing but decided was something I might choose to do on my birthday even if I was Pipe Fitting Correspondent for the Extruded Steel Gazette, say. The restaurant is small but perfectly formed, with Portuguese blue and white tiles, a curvaceous marble counter by the window, some shiny industrial kit over the bar and — on a sunny day — a general sense of elegance and lustre.

We ordered various things, most but not all of which arrived, in no particular order and in quantities that were hard to share equitably We ordered various things, most but not all of which arrived, in no particular order and in quantities that were hard to share equitably. Bolinhos — little salt cod dumplings — were light and greaseless, and the fish within had a pleasing chewiness.

A tempting turnip top soup — hard to say after a few vinho verdes — was off.

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With games try the beer pong tournaments and coaching available we can definitely offer you a night to make your Ping… Pong. For private parties or large groups please send us an enquiry on the below link or contact an experienced member of our events team on events batandballwestfield. Book a Table Book a table with us now to enjoy our delicious Well Street Pizza or relax in our urban bar.

Cocktail Bar · City of London · 18 tips and reviews Lidia Vorontsova: what a great, great bar. staff know their spirits. this is where i discovered the botanist, which is now my favourite gin. Best Bars: A gin and rum bar that treats both spirits with passion and respect.

Speed Dating is the contemporary equivalent of personals ads and dating agencies, with many advantages! Speed dating is what all those old paradigms from the ’80s and ’90s evolved into and has now established itself as the live dating event standard right across the globe. Speed dating is simply safer and more effective, especially when compared to online dating as there is no substitute for real, human, face-to-face introductions. And romance might not be the only thing you find!

Many friendships and other connections are borne from our events; it’s a great social event where everyone just happens to be single and open to making new relationships – whatever that might lead to. We hope you do and you make that decision to join me and all the other singletons waiting to meet you, by booking your first event and giving it a try. Please also see our Speed Dating F.

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Message BarChick Concierge for free and we’ll book you in, but we’ll let you take the credit. Head inside, nudge the bookcase, get down the stairs and get into the shit-hot drinks, good tunes and easy vibes. Order up something spiked with whisky and get cosy.

How to make massage bar relieve the stress weighing on your body and dating in london of the many benefits sharp pain in left breast pregnancy symptom how to make massage bar of our services at the body bar is your ability to a professional.

Check out our recommendations to experience the vibrant nightlife of London and get familiar with this beautiful cosmopolitan city. There are no shortages of friendly girls in London , so feel free to hire one and double your fun. Are you seeking a night out venue in the city that promises food, drinks and fun combined? Whether you are visiting London for a week or a month, there is one memorable experience that is certain to have chatting all the way home.

Feel free to join Medieval Banquet as your rush your way back through time for live entertainment, feasting and kings galore. Whether you are relishing a meal in the 2nd floor eatery, or getting right into by the main stage, this venue features some of the finest performers in London.

Speed Dating for single nights in London and around the UK

Date discovery Perfect partnering Our behavioural recommendation engine is studying your activity e. Profile validation Our free profile verification service helps us confirm that Members are single, professional and local by checking their various social media IDs on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. You’ll receive a higher level of interest and a more open level of communication with a verified status — resulting in more dates! Exclusive events Our Lovestruck events are the talk of the Hong Kong dating scene.

Guests are welcome to stay on and mingle at the bar. After the event, guests will receive an email with their matches. OutSavvy – Gay Valentine’s Speed Dating – Thursday, 14 February at Amber.

Share via Email Hold on Dans Le Noir As the early spring sunshine warmed my cheeks, it felt even more unnatural to want to closet myself away in the culinary equivalent of a photographic dark room to indulge in London’s latest gastro experience. But this lunchtime I had the privilege of being the first customer at Dans Le Noir, a new and challenging eaterie in Farringdon. Diners eat or attempt to in absolute darkness – mobile phones and even digital watches must be left outside – and are physically guided around and served by visually impaired staff.

The idea is to raise awareness about blindness and turn the tables on society’s attitudes to disability. Fully sighted visitors must put all their faith in the staff, who are seen as disadvantaged in the outside world, but have the upper hand here by knowing their way around every inch of the restaurant. I wondered if not seeing the food or its presentation would affect my appetite and my enjoyment of the meal.

And would it really be possible to have a proper catch-up with a friend over lunch when I couldn’t even see her face? As my dining companion is heavily pregnant, the waiters would be presented with the additional challenges of more frequent escorted visits to the Ladies, a ban on raw eggs, goats’ cheese and the like, and the imperative not to bump us into anything en route around the dining room.

After placing our order and locking up our coats, bags and phones in the fully lit bar area, we were led, clutching each other’s shoulders, down a dimly lit corridor.

London’s Best Cocktail Bars for Date Night